Trends Excellence Competition For Architecture & Design 2016

deadline: Dec. 15, 2016

Trends excellence awards for architecture & design 2016 is india's premier design competition for professionals. a first-of-its-kind in the country, these awards are an endeavour to bring forth the best in architecture, interior design, concepts, Organized by Home & design trends is a competition of Architecture and Architecture, Design, Art, Photography, Interior Design, Product Design.

Free to join.

11. Arte Laguna Prize

deadline: Dec. 14, 2016

Opportunities for designers and artists - 11th arte laguna prize collaborations with made in italy companies and cash prizes - deadline 14 december 4 companies are looking for creativity and calling to artists and designers for 4 product specific proj Organized by Cultural association moca is a competition of Collaborations with made in italy companies for product-specific projects and Design Contest, Design Competitions, Design Opportunity, Product Design, Call For Designers.

€ 55.00 Entrance Fee. € 19.00 Awards Sum.

Design Your Cup of Tee Competition

deadline: Dec. 10, 2016

Design a wrap (sleeve) design which will be made into a t-shirt & wrap for the next cup of tee Organized by The inspiration engine limited is a competition of and Mug, Cup, Cup Of Tee.

Free to join. € 250.00

One Day Design Competition

deadline: Nov. 23, 2016

The challenge will be held at roca concepts, a contemporary, interactive and stylish design gallery that will serve as a great inspiration for those architecture and design students and young professionals willing to face the challenge and who will have t Organized by Roca is a competition of Designing innovative concepts for bathroom-related products and Design, Architecture, Innovation.

Free to join. € 24.000.00

One & Only Laundry Appliance-Product Design Competition

deadline: Nov. 14, 2016

The second phase of one & only laundry appliance by electrolux and, is aimed at developing further the design of the winning project of the previous phase, by proposing a new and improved version of the suggested all-in-one laundry applianc Organized by is a competition of All-in-one appliance and New-idea, Concept, Product-design, Ux, Appliance, Electrolux, Ironing, Washing, Drying, All-in-one, Laundry.

Free to join. € 3.000.00 Awards Sum.

The Jacques Rougerie Foundation International Competition in Architecture

deadline: Oct. 31, 2016

The jacques rougerie competition in architecture for young designers, architects, urban planners and artists interested in sea and space architecture. projects should be innovative and meet the sustainable development principles and intend to increase env Organized by The jacques rougerie foundation - institut de france is a competition of Architecture and Architecture, Environment, Sea, Space, Ecology, France, International, Innovation.

Free to join. € 30.00 Awards Sum.

Green-Go Short Film Competition

deadline: Oct. 31, 2016

The call of green-go short film contest 2016 shoot a winning short film and win! are you worried not to provide healthy food to your children anymore? are you working on the development of circular economy as a designer or an entrepreneur? do you want Organized by is a competition of and .

Free to join. € 700.00

Transforming The Tunnel: The Rail Park-2017 Better Philadelphia Competition

deadline: Oct. 28, 2016

How would you transform an abandoned inner-city rail tunnel into a vibrant community park, trail, and destination? Organized by Center for architecture and design is a competition of Urban planning and design and Philadelphia, Urban Design, Urban Planning, Architecture, Landscape, City.

€ 23.00 Entrance Fee. € 4.450.00 Awards Sum.

%u201cruins Competition

deadline: Oct. 20, 2016

The dongjingyu village is at the ji county, the only mountainous area in the tianjin municipality. it is home to a cluster of vernacular stone dwellings of extraordinary design and layout, interspersed among grotesque rocks, primeval trees and rare plants Organized by Cbc (china building centre) yuyang township government tianjin urban planning and design institute is a competition of Competition of landscape and Landscape Design ;dongjingyu.

Free to join. € 47.00

Good Morning Design Competition

deadline: Oct. 11, 2016

Give a new face to the coffee vending machines Organized by is a competition of Graphic design for coffee vending machine decorations and Graphics, Coffee Machine, Design, Vending-machine, Decoration, Visual-art, Visual Artist, Designer.

Free to join. € 5.000.00 Awards Sum.

Lg Ultrawide Competition 2016: Dream Canvas

deadline: Oct. 4, 2016

Submit any original artwork in 21:9 ratio with a motif inspired by lg ultrawide monitors Organized by Lg is a competition of 21:9 ratio artwork and Art, Design, Monitor, Lg, Wallpaper, Ultrawide, Creative, Setup.

Free to join.

Sock It to Me 2016 Design a Sock Competition

deadline: Sep. 30, 2016

Sock it to me is inviting artists of all talents to submit a creative sock design for a chance to win up to $2,000 and have the winning design manufactured in sock it to me's 2017 fashion collection! Organized by Sock it to me is a competition of and Art, Design, Contest, Sock.

Free to join. € 1.780.00

Black&white-Wallpaper Design Competition

deadline: Sep. 30, 2016

Black and white watchword - a new optical: black and white alternate, sometimes keeping a net balance between light and dark shapes, where, however, the trait is never graph and the edges are irregular. Organized by Decolution - wallpaper revolution is a competition of Competions of wallpaper design and Wallpaper, Graphic, Homedecor, .

Free to join.

The Architect’s Newspaper Annual Best of Design Competition

deadline: Sep. 30, 2016

the best of design awards is a unique project-based awards program that showcases great buildings and building elements. entrants are invited to submit completed works in 26 categories. Organized by is a competition of and .

Free to join.

Home Sweet Office Competition

deadline: Sep. 28, 2016

New design contest for the creation of a new workstation dedicated to home office Organized by is a competition of Design home office worstation and Smart, Easy, Social, Functional, Trendy, Environmental, Pop, Recycling, Furnishing, Office, Home.

Free to join. € 3.000.00 Awards Sum.

Green Roof Beauty Contest 2016

deadline: Sep. 23, 2016

What are the green roofs and why are they so important to us? by definition, “a green roof is a vegetative layer grown on a rooftop and as such represents an important element of the urban green infrastructure.” they are gardens on the rooftops Organized by is a competition of Photos of green rooftops and Green Roofs, Green Infrastructure, Photography.

Free to join.

Green Roof Beauty Contest 2016

deadline: Sep. 23, 2016

We’re inviting you to participate in the green roof beauty contest! send us a photo of a green roof in an urban area that you believe to be the most beautiful one and become our ambassador for the greener cities! Organized by Ceeweb for biodiversity is a competition of and .

Free to join.

Daves Deals Design Competition

deadline: Aug. 31, 2016

Daves deals requires a new logo. the current logo was voted outdated and now we are asking for your help to find the new! Organized by is a competition of and .

Free to join. € 340.00


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