Deco Lab Competition-Wallpaper Graphic Design Contest

deadline: Jul. 27, 2015

Wallpaper graphic design contest for deco lab Organized by is a competition of Wallpaper graphics and design and Patterns, Colour, Chic, Graphics, Textures, Decor, Wallpaper, Decadent, Tropic, Naturals.

Free to join. € 2.000.00 Awards Sum.

2015 Franz Competition

deadline: Jul. 15, 2015

The 2015 franz international porcelain design competition is now open for entries. the competition aims to provide a platform for young designers around the world to meet and gather creativity and inspiration. the winner will get us$16,000 and an oppo Organized by Franz collection inc. is a competition of Porcelain design and Ceramics, Porcelain, Porcelain Design, Design, Design Competition, M&o Paris, Product Design.

Free to join. € 15.000.00 Awards Sum.

No Ordinary Vision-New Contest by Widiba

deadline: Jul. 2, 2015

Design a new furnishing accessory, gadget or corner-area for widiba bank. Organized by is a competition of Furnishing accessory, gadget, corner-area for a web bank and Gadget Furniture People Vision Retail No-ordinary Corner-area Banking Dialog Account.

Free to join. € 2.000.00 Awards Sum.

James Dyson Competition

deadline: Jul. 2, 2015

Design something that solves a problem. dyson is looking for the next generation of engineers with the james dyson award 2015. Organized by James dyson foundation is a competition of and .

Free to join. € 37.000.00 Awards Sum.

Golden Pin Design Competition 2015

deadline: Jun. 30, 2015

Golden pin design award 2015 calls for entries of huaren design from china, hong kong, macau, malaysia, singapore, and beyond. Organized by Taiwan design center is a competition of Design for huaren (chinese-speaking) communities and .

€ 31.00 Entrance Fee.

The 4th International Bamboo Products Design Competition

deadline: Jun. 30, 2015

the 4th international (yongan) bamboo products design contest Organized by The international center for bamboo and rattan,the bamboo industry association of china is a competition of Bamboo products and Furniture, Product Design, Bamboo Material.

Free to join. € 26.414.00 Awards Sum.

Visions Collection Ii Edition Competition

deadline: Jun. 30, 2015

The contest is addressed to professional and amateur artists, graphic designers, painters, photographers, sculptors, etc... from all over the world. Organized by Malamegi - interior design complements is a competition of and .

Free to join. € 6.000.00

Vision Collection Li Edition Competition

deadline: Jun. 30, 2015

The contest relates to both professional and amateur artists such as painters , sculptures ,etc.... from all over the world Organized by is a competition of Clothing and apparel and .

Free to join.

R-Evolutionary Baby Design Competition

deadline: Jun. 17, 2015

Chicco and desall are looking for new evolutionary spaces and products for babies' relax Organized by is a competition of Evolutionary spaces and products for children and Relax, Design, Baby, Evolutionary, Spaces, Objects, Growth, Convertible, Care, Multi-functional, Concept, Storytelling, 5-senses, Customisable.

Free to join. € 2.000.00 Awards Sum.

Emerging Talent Contest

deadline: Jun. 16, 2015 and launch the emerging talent award looking for new furniture and home accessories to be sold on Organized by Desall is a competition of New furniture and home accessories and Art, Furniture, Lighting, Accessories, Home, Lamps, Shelves, Tables, Canvases, Armchairs, Rugs, Sofas.

Free to join.

Myminifactory Logo Design Competition

deadline: Jun. 14, 2015

Myminifactory is a 3d printing marketplace looking for a new logo. we are calling on you to come up with your best 2d logo designs that could also make sense to 3d print! Organized by is a competition of Logo and Logo, Design, Graphic Design, Graphic.

Free to join. € 264.00

Headline Shirts Summer Design Competition-$750+ Prize

deadline: Jun. 2, 2015

Calling all sharp-witted artists... submissions are now open for the headline shirts "it's summertime, dammit!" design contest! > enter here: send us your funniest, cleverest, summer-the Organized by Headline shirts is a competition of and .

Free to join. € 668.00

Reshape15-Wearable Technology Competition

deadline: May. 31, 2015

Clothes, shoes and other accessories can now incorporate elements of hardware and software, generating a peculiar mix between fashion and computation. data becomes beauty, interaction becomes emotion.reshape focuses on the definition of this language, pro Organized by Noumena is a competition of Wearable technology and Design, Wearable, Computational.

€ 50.00 Entrance Fee. € 2.700.00 Awards Sum.

Walking Visionaries Competition

deadline: May. 24, 2015

The walking visionaries awards highlight new ideas, big and small, to fulfil the potentials of walking for liveable communities and sustainable cities. become a „walking visionary“ and participate in the global discourse on walkability and liveable ci Organized by Walk21 vienna is a competition of Projects, ideas and visions for making cities more walkable and liveable. and .

Free to join.

Canvas Eyewear Custom Sunglasses Design Competition

deadline: May. 21, 2015

Always wanted to design your own custom sunglasses? now's your chance! canvas eyewear has teamed up with boomboxfm to bring you the canvas eyewear custom sunglasses design contest. entering is easy: 1) visit and des Organized by Canvas eyewear & boomboxfm is a competition of Custom sunglasses design inspired by music. and Sunglasses, Custom Sunglasses, Canvas Eyewear, Eyewear, Boomboxfm, Custom.

Free to join.

Game For Breakfast-Biscuit Design Contest

deadline: May. 19, 2015

An important italian food company is looking for new biscuit concepts on Organized by Desall is a competition of Biscuit for breakfast and Food, Play, Sharing, Funny, Game, Breakfast, Family, Biscuit.

Free to join. € 3.000.00

Braunprize 2015-International Competition For Product Design Concepts

deadline: May. 10, 2015

What is your extra in the ordinary? apply for the 19th edition of the braunprize​ in 2015 - international competition for product design concepts • open to everyone: students and professionals/enthusiasts (two categories) • total prize money: $7 Organized by The competition is organized by braun, a procter & gamble brand, supported by p&g corporate design and managed by the braun design team in kronberg, germany. is a competition of For product design concepts and projects not yet in production. and Braunprize 2015 - What Is Your Extra In The Ordinary?.

Free to join.

Leroy Merlin-Light On and Take Care Competition

deadline: May. 5, 2015

Design an innovative lighting system for bathroom, either as stand-alone product or as a modular system. Organized by Desall is a competition of Lighting system and Led, Lamp, Lighting, Home, Cool, Bathroom, Diy, Young, Modularity, Easy-to-use, Do-it-your-self.

Free to join. € 2.000.00 Awards Sum.


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